Rental Program

Please call us at (949)-499-5088 for more information and our pricing. We offer instruments of higher quality than our competitors at an affordable price to students to make learning more enjoyable.

Stephen R. Davy Violins offers a rental program appreciated by a large
number of students and teachers. Music institutions rely on the unmatched quality Stephen provides.  All instruments are set up by Stephen in our workshop and are adjusted for the best sound quality and playability. All bows are all strung with genuine, high-quality horse hair. Every violin bridge is hand fitted and we use only Dominant strings on all of our rentals. We believe in giving the student the right tools to learn; this is the ONLY way.

We offer two rental programs, STUDENT (basic instrument) and MAESTRO (advanced), for full-size as well as small-size instruments. Please telephone us to enquire about availability. The rental outfit includes an instrument, a bow, rosin and a soft case (bag) or hard case.

A large rental department is also available for entry level instruments. Each instrument is set up and maintained in our shop to allow each individual the opportunity to play on a properly set up outfit. Rental for STUDENT instruments is $25 per month for violins, $35 per month for violas, and $50 for cellos. We apply the first 3 months’ rental toward the purchase of a new instrument.


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